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Sapphire is the name of a gemstone that is commonly associated with a deep-blue color though it can also be any other color except red. The word comes from Old French saphir via Latin sapphirus which comes from Ancient Greek sappheiros which either derives from a Semitic source or it derives from Sanskrit sanipriya meaning “dear to Saturn”. Sapphire is the birthstone of September.

Origin: Semitic, Sanskrit



  • Saffire (English)
  • Saphire (English)
  • Sapphira (English) f
  • Sappheire (Biblical Greek) f
  • Saffira (Biblical Latin) f
  • Safira (Esperanto) f
  • Saphir (German, Swedish) u
  • Sappho (Ancient Greek) f
  • Sappheiros (Ancient Greek) m
  • Zaphire (English)
  • Zapphire (English)


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