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Doreen is an English female name, a combination of Dora with the -een suffix. Dora is often used as a short name with names beginning or ending with it such as Theodora, Dorotheaetc. Dora comes from Ancient Greek doron meaning “gift” derived from a PIE word. Doreen could also be the anglicized form of Irish Dáireann which I’ve seen listed as either meaning “sullen, tempestuous” or “fertile”; if it’s the latter than that makes it a variant of Dáire (also anglicized as Dara). Dáireann is a figure in Irish mythology.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Dorine (English)
  • Dorean (English)
  • Dora (English, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Croatian, Serbian, Dutch)
  • Dorinda (English)
  • Doretta (English, Italian)
  • Dorita (Spanish, English)
  • Dory (English)
  • Dorie (English)
  • Dori (English)
  • Doria (English)
  • Dorina (Hungarian, Romanian)
  • Dóra (Hungarian, Icelandic)
  • Dáireann (Irish)
  • Doireann (Irish)
  • Doirend (Irish)


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