Esperanto, F names, Female, Proto-Indo-European, Virtues/Attributes, Word names


Fiera is a word in Esperanto meaning “proud”; it’s also a word in Spanish meaning “wild animal, wild beast” and also “wild” which comes from Latin fera (wild animal, beast) via ferus (wild, savage; uncivilized) which ultimately derives from PIE *ǵʰwer- (wild; wild animal). Fiera is also an Italian word meaning “fair, exhibition” which comes from Late Latin feria (festival, holy day; holiday) via Proto-Italic *fēzjos,*fēzjā derived from PIE *dʰéh₁s (godhead, deity; sacred place) via *dʰeh₁- (to do, put, place).

Origin: Esperanto, Proto-Indo-European



Male forms:

  • Fiero (Spanish, Italian)


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