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Agar is the Spanish and Russian form of Hagar, a Hebrew female name of uncertain meaning and origin. It’s been linked to Hebrew meaning “to flee” and “flight”, or perhaps meaning “to drag away” or “stranger, foreigner”. Agar is also an English male given name and surname in English, a late medieval form of Edgar (coming from an Old English name meaning “wealthy spear”) and Elger/Elgar (also spelled Alger and Algar), which is either a variant of Old English Aelfgar meaning “elf spear”, Old English Aethelgar meaning “noble spear”, or Old English Ealdgar meaning “old spear”, all of which derive from a PIE source.

Agar is also the name of a gelatinous substance derived from red algae (also known as agar-agar). It could also be a short form of agarwood, the name of a fragrant resinous wood which is used to make incense and perfume. Apparently the source of the name comes from Malay agar.

Origin: Hebrew, Proto-Indo-European, Malay


Female forms:

  • Hagar (Hebrew)
  • Hajar (Arabic)
  • Hagir (Arabic)
  • Hacer (Turkish)


Male forms:

  • Alger (English)
  • Algar (English)
  • Elger (Old English)
  • Elgar (Old English)
  • Adelgar (Old English)
  • Adalgar (Old English, Ancient Germanic)


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