A names, Anise, Arabic, Egyptian, Female, Hebrew, Nature, Virtues/Attributes


Anissa is a female given name, likely a combination of Anna (the Latinate form of Hannah meaning “favor, grace”) combined with the -issa suffix. It could also be a variant spelling of Anisa, an Arabic female name meaning “friendly, friend, companion, companionable”. Anisa is also a variant form of Anise, the name of a flowering plant in the Mediterranean used as an herb and spice. The name comes from Latin anisum meaning “anise” derived from Ancient Greek anison which seems to be derived from an Egyptian source.

Origin: Hebrew, Arabic, Egyptian



  • Anisa (Arabic, English)
  • Anise (English)


Male forms:

  • Anis (Arabic)
  • Enes (Turkish, Bosnian)
  • Enis (Bosnian, Turkish)



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