Battle/War, Breton, H names, Male, Surname names, Virtues/Attributes


Harvey comes from a Breton name Haerviu made up from elements haer (battle) and viu (worthy) meaning “battle-worthy”. Harvey is also a surname which either originated from the source above, though it’s also an Irish surname that’s been anglicized from two Gaelic surnames: Ó hAirmheadhaigh meaning “descendant of Airmheadhach”, the latter a male given name possibly meaning “esteemed”; and Ó hEarchaidh meaning “descendant of Earchadh”, the latter of unknown meaning.

Origin: Breton



  • Harvee (English)
  • Harvie (English)
  • Harvy (English)
  • Hervey (English)
  • Hervé (French)
  • Haerviu (Breton)


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