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Bevin is an Irish female name, the anglicized form of Bébinn meaning “fair lady” though some sources also list it as meaning “melodious woman” made up of Irish bean (woman; wife) via Proto-Celtic *benā (woman) derived from a PIE source; and either fionn meaning “fair, white” or Old Irish binn (melodious, harmonious, sweet). Bébinn has also sometimes been used as an anglicized form of Vivian though it’s totally unrelated to the name. In Irish mythology Bébhinn is a goddess of childbirth as well as the name of several other figures. Bevin is also a surname.

It’s pronounced bay-vin, bev-in or be-veen.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Bébhinn (Irish)
  • Bébinn (Irish)
  • Béibhinn (Irish)
  • Bébhionn (Irish)
  • Vevina (another anglicized form of Bébinn used by Scottish poet James Macpherson in his Ossian poems)



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