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Helix is used to refer to a spiral or a whorl. In geometry it is used to refer to a curve on the surface of a cylinder or a cone in a way that its angle to a plane is perpendicular to the axis constantly, like a screw or a spiral staircase; anatomically it refers to the curved fold of the external ear; and it is also the name of a genus of land snails. Helix has also been used in Greek mythology though I could only find one instance of it, the name of one of the fifty sons of Lycaon, a king of Arcadia who killed his youngest son (in some versions it’s his grandson Arkas) and fed him to the god Zeus in order to test his divinity. The name comes from Ancient Greek helix meaning “twisting, winding, spiral” which derives from a PIE root word. Helix is also a Latin word referring to a kind of ivy or willow borrowed from the same source above.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European




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