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Dae is a Korean name element used in conjunction with another name element and only used for men. It’s used as a prefix meaning “great, big, vast, large” written with the Korean Hangul 대 (大)Baekdudaegan or Baekdu Daegan is the name of a mountain range that runs through the Korean peninsula meaning “white-head great-ridge”.

Dae could also be a variant spelling of Day, referring to a period of 24 hours or to part of the day when it’s light out. It comes from Old English dæġ (day) which ultimately derives from a PIE root word. Dae could also be a nickname for Daegan. I’ve seen quite a few sites list it as meaning “black-haired” and that it’s Irish in origin, which makes me think Daegan is a variant form of Deegan, an anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Duibhginn meaning “descendant of Duibhgeann”, the latter made up from Irish dubh (black, dark) and ceann (head).

Origin: Korean, Proto-Indo-European



  • Day (English)


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