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Barry is the anglicized form of Bairrean Irish male name which is a diminutive of either Fionnbharr or Barrfhion both of which mean “fair hair” or “fair-headed”, composed of fionn (white, fair) and barr (head). As a surname Barry has several possible origins: as an Irish surname it could be used as an anglicized form of Berach meaning “sharp” or “spear-like” from Gaelic biorach. It could also be derived from Old French barri meaning “rampart”, which also applied to a settlement under the ramparts of a castle. Barry (also spelled Barrie) also comes from a Welsh background, from a patronymic surname, ap Harry, meaning “son of Harry“, though it could also be derived from Welsh bar meaning “bar”, as in a bar of sand.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Barrie (English)
  • Berry (English)
  • Barri (English)
  • Bairre (Irish)
  • Barra (Irish)
  • Berach (Irish)
  • Bearach (Irish)


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