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Ellery comes from an English surname, a variant of either Hilary or Eulalie. Hilary is the English form of Hilarius and Hilaria, Ancient Roman names meaning “happy, cheerful” from Latin hilaris via Ancient Greek hilarós from hílaos (gracious, merciful; kind, mild, gentle) deriving from a Proto-Indo-European root word. Eulalie is the French form of Eulalia, an Ancient Greek name meaning “sweetly speaking” or “well-spoken” . Originally used as a masculine name, it’s also become popular for girls making it a unisex name.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Ellerie (English)
  • Elleri (English)



3 thoughts on “Ellery”

  1. I really like this name, though I much prefer Welsh name Eleri, it’s not related to Ellery etymologically but many people seem to pronounce it the same, and it looks very similar. Both these names are lovely.


    1. I profiled Eleri  a while back if you want to check it out. As for pronunciation, I’ve actually been pronouncing it differently from Ellery, more like el-air-ee as opposed to el-a-ree (like how you would say celery). At least that’s how it’s pronounced at Forvo and I rather like it (I’ve posted the link below if you want to hear it)



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