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Aveline is the Norman French form of Germanic Avelina, a diminutive of Avila which derives from Germanic element avi, of unknown meaning though possibly meaning “desired” or “wished for”. Aveline is also the French word for “hazelnut” which comes from Occitan avellana via Latin abellana. Abella or Avella is a town in Campania, Italy, derived from PIE *h₂ébōl (apple).

Origin: Ancient Germanic, Proto-Indo-European



  • Avaline (English)
  • Avelina (Ancient Germanic)
  • Avila (Ancient Germanic)
  • Ava (Germanic, Ancient Germanic)
  • Avice (English)
  • Avis (English)
  • Aveza (Ancient Germanic)
  • Evelyn (English, German)
  • Evelina (English, Italian, Swedish, Lithuanian)
  • Evelin (German, Estonian, Hungarian)
  • Avella (Italian, English)
  • Abella (Italian)


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