Ancient Greek, Female, S names, Virtues/Attributes


Sibyl comes from Greek and Romany mythology which was used to refer to female oracles or prophetesses who were sent visions by the gods. The name comes from Ancient Greek sibulla meaning “sibyl”, a word of uncertain origin though it could have originated as a variant of theobule meaning “divine counsel” from Attic Greek.

Origin: Ancient Greek



  • Sybil (English)
  • Sybella (English)
  • Cybill (English)
  • Cybil (English)
  • Sibylle (French, German)
  • Sybille (French, German)
  • Sibylla (Greek, German, Swedish, Late Roman, Late Greek)
  • Sibilla (Italian)
  • Sybilla (Late Roman, Polish)
  • Sébire (Norman)
  • Sibylline (French)
  • Sibyllina (English)
  • Sibella (English)
  • Cybil (English)
  • Cybill (English)
  • Cybilla (English)


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