Elements, Female, Male, Physical Attributes, Proto-Indo-European, R names, Sanskrit, Unisex, Virtues/Attributes, Water


Rupinder is an Indian unisex name meaning “beauty of Indra” made up from Sanskrit rupa meaning “beauty, shape, form” combined with Indra, the Hindu god of war and the heavens, bringer of rain and wielding thunderbolts, and the king of the gods. Although the etymology behind the name is uncertain, I’ve seen many sites claim it as “possessing drops of rain” composed from Sanskrit indu (drop; juice, Soma) and ra (acquiring, possessing), a meaning which makes sense since Indra does bring rain with his thunderbolt. Other possible sources are from Sanskrit indh (to kindle) derived from PIE root *h₂eydʰ- (to ignite; fire, kindle), or ind (to conquer, defeat).

Origin: Sanskrit, Proto-Indo-European




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