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Inara is the name of a goddess of the hunt and wild animals in Hittite and Hurian mythology, daughter of the storm god Teshub/Tarhunt. She can easily be equated with the Greek goddess Artemis. Inara helps her father kill the dragon Illuyanka by using her mortal lover Hupasiyas to show a feast for him and when he is drunk, a rope is tied around his neck so he could be killed. I couldn’t manage to find the meaning behind the name. Inara is also an Arabic female name (which can also be spelled Anara) meaning “to light, to illuminate” from Arabic أَنَارَ anāra which derives from Arabic root n-w-r (fire, light), the same root word Anwar also derives from.

Origin: Arabic



  • Inaras
  • Inar
  • Anara (it also comes from Persian meaning “pomegranate”


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