Cynthia is the Latinized form of Greek Kynthia meaning “of/from Mount Kynthus” or “belonging to Mount Kynthus” referring to someone who came from Mount Cynthus/Kynthus on the island of Delos. It’s also the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis; Cynthia is one of the many epithets for Artemis (Cynthius for Apollo). The name comes from Ancient Greek Kúnthos though the meaning behind the name is unknown; it’s possible it could be pre-Greek in origin. Cynthia is also a poetic name for the moon in Greek.

Nicknames: Cindy/Cyndi/Cindi



  • Kynthia (Ancient Greek)
  • Cinzia (Italian)
  • Cintia (Spanish, Hungarian)
  • Cíntia (Portuguese)
  • Synthia (English)
  • Sinthia (English)
  • Cinthia (English(
Male forms:
  • Cynthius (Latinized Ancient Greek)
  • Kynthius (Ancient Greek)


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