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Zahir is an Arabic male name meaning “helper, supporter” from Arabic ظَاهَرَ ẓāhara (to help, to assist, to support) which derives from Arabic root ظ ه ر (ẓ-h-r(relating to visibility, making clear of understandable; relating to support). However, spelled ظهر (Zaahir) refers to something that is “outward, visible, manifest, to be clear” which derives from the same root word as above; and spelled زاهر (Zahir) it means “shining, radiant” which comes from the same root word as Zara/Zahra or Azhar relating to flowers and prosperity, from root word ز ه ر  (z-h-r). Zahir is also an Arabic surname as well as one of the 99 names of God in Islam.

Origin: Arabic



  • Zaheer (Arabic)
  • Zaahir (Arabic)
  • Zaher (Arabic)


Female forms:

  • Zahira (Arabic)
  • Zaahira (Arabic)


Zahir-ظهير (Arabic, Persian)

Zahir-زاهر (Arabic)

Zaahir- ظاهر (Arabic)


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