E names, Female, Proto-Indo-European, Seasons, Virtues/Attributes


Erinna comes from an Ancient Greek name of unknown origin though it’s been linked to Greek êrinos meaning “spring” or as a variant of Herinna, a variant reconstruction of the name made up from Greek hêrôs meaning “hero” combined with the feminine suffix -inna. There’s a Greek poetess named Erinna belived to have lived around 600 BCE on the island of Telos, a contemporary of another Greek poetess, Sappho. Although there is a lot of uncertainty about her life, it seems that she died at the young age of 19. Erinna could also be an elaborated form of Erin, which is the anglicized form of Éireann (from which the name of Ireland comes from) derived from Gaelic Éire via Old Irish Ériu meaning “fertile” or “fat, rich” likely in reference to the land, so connoting the idea of “abundant land” or “fat land”, from Proto-Celtic *Φīwerjon, derived from Proto-Indo-European *piHwerjon from *piHwer meaning “fat”.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Erynna (English)
  • Erina (which is also a Japanese and Italian name with different meanings)
  • Erin (Irish, English)



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