Marvin is a variant of Mervyn, which is the anglicized form of Merfyn, a Welsh male name of uncertain meaning though several possible meanings attributed to it are:

  • “marrow famous” from Welsh mer (marrow) and myn (eminent);
  • the first element of the name could also possibly be derived from Welsh mawr meaning “large; big; great”;
  • it’s also possible that Mervyn is a variant of Myrddin which is the original Welsh form of Merlin; it means “sea fortress” from Proto-Celtic *mori- (sea) derived from a PIE root; and Welsh din (stronghold, fortress) from Proto-Celtic *dūnom which is also derived from a PIE root.

Marvin could also be derived from an Old English given name, Maerwin, meaning “famous friend” made up from Old English mǣre (fame, famous) and and wine (friend). Marvin is also an English and Welsh surname originating from the given name.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Merfyn (Welsh)
  • Mervin (Welsh, English)
  • Myrddin (Welsh)
  • Maerwin (Old English)
  • Maerwine (Old English)
  • Merewine (Middle English)
  • Marvyn (English)
  • Marwin (German)


Female forms:

  • Marva (English)



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