Animals, Black/Dark, Color, D names, Emotion/Feelings, Fawn, Hebrew, Love/Beloved, Male, Proto-Indo-European, Stag, Surname names, Virtues/Attributes


Davin comes from an Irish and French surname which derives from two separate sources. As an Irish surname, it’s an anglicized form of Gaelic  Ó Dubháin meaning “descendant of Dubhán”, the latter the diminutive form of dubh “black, dark”, or an anglicized form of Gaelic surname Ó Damháin meaning “descendant of Damhán”, the latter meaning “fawn” from Gaelic damh (stag, ox); which would make it variant spelling of DevinAs a French surname, it’s a pet form of Davida Hebrew given name meaning “beloved”.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Hebrew



  • Devin (Irish, English)


Female forms:



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