Brody comes from a Scottish, Irish, and English surname, a variant spelling of Brodie, a habitational name with several possible meanings:

  • it could be derived from Gaelic brothach meaning “muddy place”;
  • it could also be derived from Scottish Gaelic brothaigh meaning “rampart” or “fortification”;
  • it’s also possible that Brody could be made up from Old English brad-eage meaning “broad eye”, originally a nickname for someone with excellent eyesight. This would make it a variant of Brady;
  • it could also be derived from an Old Irish word meaning “ditch” or “mire”;
  • it could have originated from a Pictish given name, from the name of a Pictish king, Bridei, or its variants Brude or Bruide, a name of unknown meaning though its possible that it could be a title meaning “king”.

Brody is also a Hungarian and Jewish surname deriving from Slavic brod meaning “fort” via Proto-Slavic *brȏdъ (fort) which ultimately derives from a PIE root word

Origin: Scottish Gaelic, Proto-Indo-European



  • Brodie (English, Scottish)
  • Brodi (English)



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