Carmine is an Italian male name, the Italian form of Carmen which is the Spanish form of Carmel which comes from Hebrew meaning “garden” or more accurately “vineyard of God” from Hebrew kerem (vineyard) and el (god). Carmen is also a Latin word meaning “song, poem; charm” which ultimately derives from a PIE root word meaning “to sing”. Carmine is also the name of a purplish-red color from Medieval Latin carminium made up from Arabic qirmaz meaning “crimson, kermes insect (from which the color is made from the crushed bodies of the insects)” derived from Sanskrit कृमि kṛ́mi (worm, insect); and Latin minium “red lead, cinnabar” possibly derived from an Iberian origin.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Iberian



  • Carmelo (Spanish, Italian)
  • Carmo (Portuguese)
  • Carmen (English)
  • Karman (English)


Female forms:

  • Carmela (Spanish, Italian)
  • Carmina (Spanish, Italian)
  • Carmen (Spanish, Italian, Romanian, English)
  • Carmel (English, Hebrew)
  • Karmela (Croatian)
  • Karmen (Croatian, Slovene, English)
  • Carmella (English)
  • Carme (Galician, Catalan)
  • Carmelita (Spanish)


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