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Alison is a medieval French diminutive of Aalis (Alice) which comes from Germanic Adelais, itself a short form of Adalheidis “noble kind, type” or “of a noble kind”, made up from Germanic elements adal (noble) and heid (kind, sort, type). Alison is also an English and Scottish surname with several possible meanings:

  • it may have originated as a matronymic surname meaning “son of Alice”;
  • it’s also possible that it’s a patronymic name meaning “son of Allan “(a male name of uncertain etymology which may possibly mean “little rock” or “noble” from Old Irish ail. It also means “beautiful, handsome” from Scottish Gaelic àlainn (beautiful, fine, splendid). Alan may also be derived from the name of a Celtic god, Alaunus, which may be derived from Proto-Celtic *aleti meaning “to nourish, grow” from Proto-Indo-European root word *h₂el- (to grow, nourish);
  • it could also be a variant spelling of Ellison meaning “son of Ellis”, Ellis being a medieval form of Elijah, a Hebrew male name meaning “my God is Yahweh”;
  • it could also mean “son of Alistair” or “son of Alexander“, both of which derive from Greek Alexandros meaning “defending men” or “defender of men” from Greek elements alexo (to defend, help) and aner (man). In Greek mythology, it was another name for the Trojan prince Paris, famous for abducting Helen, wife of Menelaus, which started the ten year Trojan war.

Nicknames: Allie/Ally/Alley, Ali

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Allison (English)
  • Alisson (English)
  • Allyson (English)
  • Alyson (English)
  • Alisoun (Medieval English)
  • Alizon (English)
  • Alice (French, English)
  • Alicen (English)




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