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Maha is an Arabic female name meaning “oryx” in reference to the Arabic oryx though I’ve also seen it meaning “wild cow”. In either case, the reference is to the beautiful dark eyes of the animal. I’ve also seen Maha listed as being a Persian female name meaning “moon” or “moon-like” but from what I could find, the Persian word for moon is mâh ماه (which also means month) but the plural form of it is mâh-hâ ماه‌ها so it certainly is possible. Maha is also an Indian word which derives from Sanskrit महा mahā́ meaning “great, big, high” which ultimately derives from PIE *méǵh₂s (big, great). From what I could find, it seems to be more used as an honorific than an actual male given name but I’ve listed it as a unisex name.

Origin: Arabic, Persian, Proto-Indo-European


Mahā -مها (Arabic)



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