Anaya is a female given name derived from several possible sources:

  • from Arabic عَناية meaning “care, protection, concern, solicitude” (can also be spelled Inaya);
  • a feminine form of Anay, an Indian male name meaning “misfortune, adversity” and “not conducted by anyone”, “without good management; bad behavior, bad conduct”, made up from Hindi prefix a- अ- (un-; not) and nyāya न्याय (judgement; justice). It also seems to be another name for the Hindu god Vishnu, essentially referring to him as one whom no-one  can lead;
  • it’s also possible that Anaya as an English name could have come about as an elaborated form of Ana/Anna meaning “grace” or “favor” from Hebrew.

Anaya is also a Basque and Spanish surname, a variant spelling of Anaia meaning “brother” in Basque. As a Spanish surname, Anaya could have originated as a habitional name for someone who came from a place called Anaya though the origin behind it is unknown.

Origin: Arabic, Sanskrit, Basque



  • Inaya (Arabic)
  • Anaiya (English)


Male forms:

  • Anay (Indian, Hindi)

Anaya/Inaya- عناية (Arabic)

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