Morris is the Medieval English form of Maurice which comes from Late Latin Mauritius, a Roman name which is a derivative of Maurus meaning “dark-skinned” in reference to someone who came from the country of Mauritania or who was of Moorish descent. It derives from Ancient Greek mauros (black, dark). Morris is also a surname which has several possible sources:

  • an anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Muirghis, a variant of Ó Muirgheasa meaning “descendant of Muirgheas”, the latter meaning “sea taboo” made up from Irish muir (sea) and geas, the genitive plural of geis meaning “a solemn injunction; taboo, prohibition, spell”;
  • an anglicized form of Welsh Meurig, the Welsh form of Maurice;

Origin: Ancient Greek, Proto-Indo-European



  • Maurus (Late Roman)
  • Mauro (Italian, Portuguese/Brazilian)
  • Maurizio (Italian)
  • Maurice (French, English)
  • Mauritius (Late Roman)
  • Morris (English)
  • Maurits (Dutch)
  • Mauri (Finnish)
  • Moritz (German)
  • Móric (Hungarian)
  • Muiris (Irish)
  • Maurycy (Polish)
  • Maurício (Portuguese)
  • Mauricio (Spanish)
  • Meurig (Welsh)
  • Meuric (Welsh)


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