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Kaito is a Japanese unisex name (though far more popular for men) with a variety of meanings depending on the kanji used:

  • kai  “sea, ocean” + to  “Big Dipper; dipper, ladle” (海斗);
  • kai  “sea, ocean” + to soar, fly” (海翔);
  • kai  “sea, ocean” + to  “person” (海人);
  • kai  “sea, ocean” + to  “metropolis, capital, all, everything” (海都);
  • kai  “charging ahead of others” + to Big Dipper; dipper, ladle” (魁斗);
  • kai  “cheerful, pleasant, agreeable, comfortable, enjoyable” + to  “Big Dipper; dipper, ladle” (快斗);
  • kai  “victory, triumph, victory song” + to Big Dipper; dipper, ladle” (凱斗);
  • ka  “praise, auspicious” + i  “consider, reflect, think” + to  “person” (嘉惟人);
  • kai  “world, boundary” + to  “person” (界人)

Written in hiragana it’s かいと. Kaito 怪 盗 is also a word meaning phantom thief or mysterious thief.

Origin: Japanese




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