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Yuka is a Japanese female name with a variety of meanings depending on the kanji used:

  • yu  “wherefore; reason, cause” + ka  “incense, smell, perfume” (由香);
  • yu  “wherefore; reason, cause” + ka 華 “splendor, flower, petal” (由華);
  • yu  “wherefore; reason, cause” + ka  “beautiful, good; excellent” (由佳);
  • yu  “tie, fasten, join, organize; end, conclude” + ka  “flower” (結花);
  • yu  “exist; have; possess” + ka  “beautiful, good; excellent” (有佳);
  • yu  “exist; have; possess” + ka  “incense, smell, perfume” (有香);
  • yu  “friend” + ka  “incense, smell, perfume” (友);
  • yu  “abundant, rich; fertile” + ka  “incense, smell, perfume” (裕香);
  • yu  “evening” + ka  “summer” (夕夏);
  • yu  “evening” + ka  “song; sing” (夕歌);
  • yu  “evening” + ka  “sea, ocean” (夕海);
  • yu 佑 “help, assist” + ka excellent, beautiful, good, pleasing, skilled” (佑佳)

Written in hiragana it’s ゆか and ゆうか for Yuuka. There are likely other meanings depending on the kanji used. I’ve also seen Yuka listed as an Inuit unisex name meaning “bright star”.

Origin: Japanese, Inuit



  • Yuuka (Japanese)
  • Yuko (with the –ko  suffix meaning “child”)



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