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Crystal is the name for a clear colorless glass or mineral that can be cut into gemstones or glassware, as well as a scientific term used to describe a solid formed by an elderly repeating pattern. The name comes from Latin crystallum (crystal) via Ancient Greek krustallos (ice) derived from a PIE root word. Crystal is also an Irish surname, a variant of McCrystal, an anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Criostal meaning “son of Críostóir”, the latter an Irish form of Christopher meaning “bearing Christ” from Greek pheros (to carry, to bear, to bring) and Greek given name Christos meaning “anointed”.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Krystal (English)
  • Cristal (English)
  • Kristal (English)
  • Kristel (English)
  • Krystelle (English)
  • Chrystal (English)
  • Christal (English)



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