Animals, Female, Horses/Stallions, Names from Shakespeare's plays, Proto-Indo-European, R names, Virtues/Attributes


Rosalind is an English female name made up of Germanic elements hros (horse) and lind (soft, weak, flexible, pliable) essentially meaning “soft horse” or “flexible horse”. Rosalind has also been associated with Latin rosa linda meaning “beautiful rose” though there is no connection between the two. Rosalind is the name of a character in Shakespeare’s As You Like It (1600).

Nicknames: Roz, Rose, Rosie/Rosy, Linda, Lindy

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Rosalinda (Italian, Spanish)
  • Roslindis (Ancient Germanic)
  • Rosaline (English)
  • Rosalina (Portuguese, Spanish)
  • Rosaleen (English)
  • Rosalin (English)
  • Rosalyn (English)
  • Rosalynn (English)
  • Rosalynne (English)
  • Roslyn (English)
  • Roselyn (English)


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