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Coleman comes from an English and Irish surname, the anglicized form of Irish Colmán, a diminutive form of Colm “dove” essentially meaning “little dove”. Colm comes from Latin columba (dove, pigeon) derived form Ancient Greek kolumbos (diver). As an English surname, it comes from an occupational name for someone who was a coal man or for a servant of a man named Cole.

Origin: Ancient Greek, Proto-Indo-European



  • Colman (Irish, English)
  • Colmán (Irish)
  • Kolman (German)
  • Koloman (German, Slovak)
  • Colombano (Italian)
  • Columbanus (Late Roman)
  • Columbus (English)
  • Columba (Late Roman)
  • Calum (Scottish)
  • Callum (Scottish)


Female forms:

  • Columba (Late Roman)
  • Columbine (English)
  • Colombina (Italian)


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