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Taru is a Finnish female name meaning “legend, myth, fiction, saga, epic” as well as also being an Estonian word meaning “beehive”. Taru is also a Japanese word meaning either “barrel, cask” 樽 as a noun or as a verb “to be enough, to be sufficient” 足る. Taru is also a Japanese surname meaning “many; frequent; much + detain; fasten; halt; stop” (多留) and “barrel, cask, keg” (). Taru is also a Pali (Middle Indo-Aryan language closely related to Sanskrit) word meaning “tree”. Taru is also the name of a Hattic storm god and may have been eventually assimilated into Hittite mythology as the Hurrian god of the storm and sky, Teshub. The meaning behind Taru could be derived from an Anatolian root word, *tarh meaning “to defeat, conquer”.

Origin: Finnish, Japanese, Sanskrit, possibly Anatolian



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