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Arion is Latinized form of Ancient Greek Areion, the name of an immortal talking horse in Greek mythology, the son of Poseidon and Demeter, as well as also belonging to the name of a Greek poet in Ancient Greece who was also a musician credited with inventing the dithyramb, an Ancient Greek hymn that was sung and danced to the god Dionysos. However, a famous story associated with him is how, on his return from a musical competition, the sailors he was with conspired to steal his prizes and kill him. They gave him two choices: either take his own life and they would give him a proper burial on land, or he could jump into the sea and drown. Arion chose to jump into the sea but before he did he begged to play one last song, which he did. Either the song attracted the dolphins to the ship or the god Apollo sent a dolphin to save Arion (since dolphins are sacred to him) but either way, Arion was saved by a dolphin. As for the meaning of the name, I’ve seen quite a few different meanings attributed to it. According to theoi.com, it means “stouter, braver”. Arion (arión) is also a Greek word, the genitive plural form of ária meaning “air; melody, song”.

Origin: Ancient Greek, Proto-Indo-European



  • Areion (Ancient Greek)



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