Phoebe is the name of several figures in Greek mythology, including a Titan goddess of bright intellect who was often associated with the moon and was the grandmother of Apollo and Artemis (through her daughter Leto) and Hecate (by her other daughter, Asteria). Phoebe was also used as an epithet by both Artemis and Selene. The name comes from Ancient Greek phoîbos meaning “pure, bright, radiant”. However, it’s also possible that the name derives from a word pertaining to prophecy or prophet which would make sense since the Titan Phoebe was associated with the Delphic oracles.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Phoibe (Ancient Greek)
  • Phebe (English, Biblical)
  • Pheobe (English)
  • Febe (Dutch, Italian, Spanish)



  • Phoebus (Latinized Ancient Greek)
  • Phoibos (Ancient Greek)
  • Faivish (Yiddish)
  • Feibush (Yiddish)
  • Feivel (Yiddish diminutive of Feibush)
  • Fayvel (variant transcription of Feivel)


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