Yvonne comes from a French female name, the feminine form of Yvon, a French medieval diminutive form of Yves which ultimately derives from Germanic element iv meaning “yew” via Proto-Germanic *īhwaz which ultimately derives from a PIE root word. It’s also possible that the name comes from a Proto-Celtic source, *iwos (yew), which is a cognate of Proto-Germanic *īhwaz.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Proto-Celtic



  • Yvonn (English, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish)
  • Yvonna (English)
  • Ivonne (Spanish, German, Dutch)
  • Ivona (Czech, Slovak, Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian)
  • Iwona (Polish)
  • Ivone (Portuguese)
  • Ivonna (Latvian, Russian)
  • Ivonette (Portuguese diminutive of Ivone)
  • Yvette (French, English)
  • Evette (English)
  • Ivette (Spanish)
  • Iveta (Czech, Slovak)
  • Ivet (Bulgarian)
  • Evonne (English)
  • Lavonne (English)
  • Lavone (English)


Male forms:

  • Yvon (French)
  • Yves (French)
  • Ivo (German, Ancient Germanic, Dutch, Czech, Italian, Portuguese)
  • Yvo (Dutch)
  • Iwo (Polish)
  • Ives (English)
  • Erwan (Breton)
  • Erwann (Breton)


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