Battle/War, Female, Proto-Indo-European, Sanskrit, V names, Virtues/Attributes


Viveka is the Swedish form of Wiebke, the German and Frisian feminine form of Wiebe, which originated as a short form of names beginning with the German element wig meaning “war, battle”. Viveka is also an Indian female name, the feminine form of Vivek meaning “wisdom, knowledge; distinction, discrimination” in Sanskrit. In this case, discrimination refers to being able to discern between what is right or wrong, or what is important or real. Viveka is also a Hindu concept, the ability to discern between what is real or not real, to be wise and have good judgement.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Sanskrit



  • Viveca (Swedish, English)
  • Vivica (Swedish, English, German, Danish)
  • Vivika (Swedish, Finnish)
  • Vibeke (Danish, Norwegian)
  • Wiebke (German, Frisian)
  • Wibke (German)


Male forms:

  • Wiebe (German, Frisian, Dutch)
  • Vivek (Indian, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali)



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