Ardalion is a male given name of uncertain origin. It may derive from Greek ardalion, the name of a certain water vessel or cup, possibly derived from Ancient Greek árdō meaning “to water, to irrigate”. It seems to be a popular name in Russia, used by both Vladimir Nabokov and Fyodor Dostoevsky in their novels. I think part of that popularity is because it belongs to the name of a Christian saint, Saint Ardalion the Martyr, who seems to be a popular figure in the Russian Orthodox Church. Saint Ardalion lived in the 4th century BC in Asia Minor and was an actor who specialized in mocking Christianity. However, when he was on stage on day, he was seemingly struck with divine grace and converted and was eventually arrested and executed.

Ardaliōn is also the third declension of ardalio, a Latin word meaning “busybody, fusser”.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European





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