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Feidelm is an Irish female name which is borne by several women in Irish mythology, including the daughter of Conchobar Mac Nessa (the King of Ulster in the Ulster cycle),  and a female prophetess and learned poet. The meaning behind the name is unknown. It could possibly be a feminine form of Feidlimid (also spelled Féilim), a male name possibly meaning “beauty” or “ever good”. However, it’s possible that the first element of the name could be derived from Old Irish fáidh meaning “seer, prophet” as well as “wise man, sage” or fáidhiúil (prophetic; wise, sagacious); while the second element could be from Old Irish lám “hand; arm” or Old Irish lem “elm tree”.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Fedelm (Irish)
  • Fedelma (Irish)
  • Fidelma (Irish)
  • Delma (short form of Fedelma/Fidelma)


Male forms:

  • Feidlimid (Irish)
  • Fedelmid (Irish)
  • Feidhlim (Irish)
  • Feidhlimidh (Irish)
  • Felim (Irish)
  • Phelim (Irish)



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