Lorinda is an English female name, an elaborated form of Lora, a variant spelling of Laura, the feminine form of Laurus, a Late Latin name meaning “laurel”. It derives from Ancient Greek daphne (laurel, bay), likely coming from a much older source; the letters changed from d- to l- due to a change in dialect. The laurel tree, in the language of flowers,  means ambition and glory, and in Ancient Greek it symbolized victory; winners of games were given a wreath of bay laurels. The laurels were also a symbol of the god Apollo due to the myth of him chasing after the nymph Daphne, who was turned into a laurel tree.

Origin: Ancient Greek



  • Laurinda (English)
  • Lora (English, Italian)
  • Laura (Late Roman, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Finnish, Estonian, Hungarian, Polish, Slovene, Croatian, Czech, Slovak, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, Dutch, Lithuanian, Latvian)
  • Loretta (English, Italian)
  • Lorene (English)
  • Loreen (English)
  • Laureen (English)
  • Laurene (English)
  • Lauretta (Italian)
  • Laurette (French)
  • Lorette (French)
  • Loretta (Italian, English)
  • Lorita (Italian)
  • Lauressa (English)
  • Laurissa (English)


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