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Bessarion is a Late Greek male name of uncertain etymology. It could be related to Greek bessa βῆσσα meaning “wooded valley, glen”. It’s been connected with Ancient Greek bathus meaning “deep; thick”  perhaps originating from a PIE root word, but it doesn’t seem likely that bessa comes from that source. I’ve also seen it as possibly being derived from Greek bassarion meaning “little fox”, from Greek bassara βασσάρᾱ (fox) which seems to come from a Pre-Greek origin, perhaps Thracian.

Bessa is also the name of a type of drinking cup used in Ancient Egypt but I’m not sure if it’s in any way related to Bessarion.

Origin: Ancient Greek



  • Bissarion (Greek)
  • Besarion (Georgian)
  • Beso (Georgian short form of Besarion)
  • Vissarion (Modern Greek, Russian)
  • Bessarione (Italian)
  • Wissarion (Polish)
  • Besarión (Spanish)
  • Bessarió (Catalan)



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