Ghislaine is a French female name, the feminine form of Ghislain which derives from a Germanic word gisil meaning “hostage” or “pledge”, possibly originating as a nickname for a royal child pledged to a foreign court.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Giselle (French, English)
  • Gisella (Italian)
  • Gisela (Spanish, Portuguese)
  • Gisèle (Grench)
  • Gizella
  • Ghislaine (French)
  • Ghyslaine (French)
  • Gisila (Ancient Germanic)


Male forms:
  • Ghislain (French)
  • Ghyslain (French)
  • Gislin (Ancient Germanic)
  • Gislenus (Latinized Ancient Germanic)


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