Huey is a male given name, a short form of Hugh which means “heart, thought, mind, spirit” from Proto-Germanic element *hugiz meaning “heart, thought, mind, spirit” which could be derived from a PIE source though the etymology behind it is uncertain. Huey could also be used as a nickname for Hubert meaning “bright heart” or “bright mind”. Huey is also a surname which comes from the nickname.

Origin: Proto-Germanic



  • Hughie (English)
  • Hewie (English)
  • Hugh (English)
  • Hugo (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Latinized Ancient Germanic)
  • Huguo (Ancient Germanic)
  • Hugues (French)
  • Ugo (Italian)
  • Hudde (Medieval English)
  • Shug (Scottish)
  • Huw (Welsh)


Female forms:

  • Huguette (French)


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