Vero is a Latin adverb meaning “verily, truly, really, in truth” which comes from Latin Verus meaning “true, real” which derives from PIE root word *weh₁- (true). Vero is also a Finnish word meaning “tax” as well as an Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese word meaning “true; truth”. Vero could also be used as a nickname for Veronica and Veronique both meaning “bringing victory” or “bringer of victory”, or a short form of Verona, the name of a city in Italy.

Vero is also a surname originating from Verus or Veronica, or it could be derived from a locational name, from a Gaulish word, vern, meaning “alder”.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European


Female forms:

  • Vera (Russian, English, German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Romanian, Serbian, Croatian, Macedonian, Georgian, Albanian)


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