Amina is an Arabic female name, the feminine form of Amin meaning “truthful, honest, trustworthy” (امين) or “safe, protected” from amn (أمن). Interesting fact: there was a female warrior queen in the northwest of Nigeria named Amina (1533-1610), in a state now known as Zaria (formerly Zazzau). She was a Hausa Muslim warrior and known as a renowned military warrior, expanding her kingdom’s boundaries as well as building walls around her military encampments, some of which have survived to this day (known as Amina’s walls), and was considered “a woman as capable as a man”. Personally, from everything I’ve read about her, she was far more capable than most men 🙂

Origin: Arabic



  • Aminah (Arabic, Malay, Indonesian)
  • Ameena (Arabic, Indian, Urdu)
  • Ameenah (Arabic)
  • Aamina (Arabic)
  • Aaminah (Arabic)
  • Emina (Bosnian)
  • Emine (Turkish)


Male forms:

  • Amin (Arabic, Persian, Urdu)
  • Ameen (Arabic, Indian, Urdu)
  • Emin (Turkish)



Amina- أمينة (Arabic)- “truthful, honest” 

Amina- آمنة (Arabic)- “to be safe”


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