Celestine is the anglicized form of Latin Caelestinus meaning “heavenly”, a derivative of caelestis meaning “sky, heaven” which derives from a PIE root word. Celestine is a unisex name that seems to be more commonly used for girls, yet it does have a legitimate use of being used on men. Celestine is also a surname originating from the given name. Celestine is also the name of a mineral.

Nicknames: Celeste

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Célestine (French)
  • Célestin (French)
  • Celestino (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian)
  • Caelestinus (Late Roman)
  • Caelestis (Late Roman)
  • Celestyn (Polish)
  • Celeste (English)
  • Céleste (French)


Female forms:

  • Célestine (French)
  • Celestine (English)
  • Celestina (Spanish, Italian)
  • Celestyna (Polish)
  • Celeste (English, Italian)
  • Céleste (French)
  • Celesta (English, Dutch)


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