Ancient Greek, Female, Hebrew, J names, Moon, Virtues/Attributes


Jolene is an English female name, a combination of Jo, a shortened form of Josephine (the feminine form of Joseph meaning “Yahweh will increase” or “Yahweh will add” from Hebrew) or Joanna/Joanne and Joan (the feminine forms of John which is the English form of Iohannes, the Latin form of Greek Ioannes from Hebrew Yochanan meaning “Yahweh is gracious”; while the second part of the name comes from the suffix -lene though it’s also possible that it combines Lene or Lena, both short forms of Helene/Helena (derived from Ancient Greek possibly meaning “torch” or “corposant” though it may also be derived from Greek selene meaning “moon”) or Magdalene/Magdalena (which means “of Magdala” from the name of a village, Magdala deriving from Hebrew migdal meaning “tower”).

Origin: Hebrew, Ancient Greek



  • Joleen (English)
  • Joline (English)
  • Joelene (English)
  • Joeline (English)
  • Jolean (English)
  • Jolena (English)
  • Jolina (English)




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