Emotion/Feelings, Japanese, Joy, Male, N names, Nature, Numbers, Virtues/Attributes


Naoki is a Japanese male name with a variety of meanings depending on the kanji used:

  • nao 直 “straight, honest” + ki “tree, plant” (直樹);
  • nao  “seven” + ki “deed; skill” (七伎);
  • nao  “straight, honest” + ki “chronicle; narrative; account” (直紀);
  • nao 真 “true; reality; Buddhist sect” + ki 輝 “radiance; shine; sparkle; gleam” (真輝);
  • nao  “esteem” + ki  “rejoice; take pleasure in” (尚喜).

Written in hiragana it’s なおき.

Origin: Japanese



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