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Shika is a Japanese female name with a variety of meanings depending on the kanji used:

  • shika 鹿 “deer” (it’s also a Japanese surname);
  • shi  “history, chronicle” + ka “can; passable, allowed” (史可);
  • shi  “purpose, will; aspire; resolve; motives; plans” + ka 佳 “excellent; beautiful, good” (志佳);
  • shi 紫 “purple, violet” + ka  “excellent; beautiful, good” (紫佳);
  • shi  “poem, poetry” + 夏 “summer” (詩夏).

I’ve also seen Shika listed as a male given name (Shika) used with the following kanji:

  • shi  “child; sign of the rat” + ka  “peace, harmony; Japan, Japanese style” (子和);
  • shi 子 “child; sign of the rat” + ka “house, home, family” (子家);
  • shi  “child; sign of the rat” + ka  “flower; splendor; petal”

Written in hiragana it’s しか.

Origin: Japanese



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