Color, Female, Male, Nickname names, Proto-Indo-European, R names, Red/Crimson, Unisex, Virtues/Attributes


Rory is the anglicized form of Irish Ruaidhrí meaning “red king”, made up from Old Irish rúad (red) and  (king). Although traditionally and commonly a male name, it’s gotten some use in the U.S. as a female name as well, and has also been used as nickname for Aurora or Lorelei, the name of a siren in Germanic folklore.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Rori (English)
  • Rorie (English)
  • Roree (English)
  • Ruairi (Scottish)
  • Ruairí (Irish)
  • Ruaidrí (Irish)
  • Ruaidhrí (Irish)
  • Ruairidh (Scottish Gaelic)



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