Hebrew, J names, Male, Surname names, Virtues/Attributes


Joshua comes from Hebrew meaning “Yahweh is salvation” and is also a surname originating from the given name. Joshua is a major figure in the Old Testament.

Nicknames: Josh

Origin: Hebrew



  • Yehoshua (Hebrew)
  • Yeshua (Hebrew, Aramaic)
  • Yushua (Arabic)
  • Jesus (Hebrew, Biblical)
  • Josu (Basque form of Jesus)
  • Iesous (Biblical Greek)
  • Iesus (Biblical Latin)
  • Iosue (Biblical Latin)
  • Jozua (Dutch)
  • Josué (French, Spanish, Portuguese)
  • Xesús (Galician)
  • Iokua (Hawaiian)
  • Józsua (Hungarian)
  • Giosuè (Italian)
  • Jesús (Spanish)
  • Jesus (Biblical)
  • İsa (Turkish)


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